Organic Hair Products

Crystal has been a Natural Hair Care Specialist for over seven years. Just like the rest of your body, it's the difference between making sure you get the vitamins and nutrients you need to be healthy, and taking a pill to mask the resulting problem when you haven't. It's a lifestyle. Chemical-based products are a band-aid, and they often perpetuate the problem as you are not able to see it's true condition underneath the layers of product.

How do you get the most out of your curls in Florida's humid weather? Are you tired of the "crispy" curls most gels leave your hair with and product build-up that makes your hair feel weighed down and dried out? Do you have some wave in your hair but currently feel like a slave to the blowdryer/flat iron because even though you've tried seemingly everything- it just looks like a mess when you try to wear it naturally curly?

NEUMA works by nourishing the hair from the inside out with organic ingredients that condition the hair through to its core, replenishing and maintaining its moisture and protein levels- giving it the strength it needs to shine, naturally.

One of the most notable differences of NEUMA compared with other hair care products is that it contains no synthetic fragrance, which many hair product companies use to hide behind in their "natural" and "organic" labels. Instead, it uses only healthy essential oils which creates a true aromatherapy experience with every shampoo. Synthetic fragrance covers 5,000 known chemical substances. Only 1,500 have been tested for safety- and over 850 of these are known carcinogens, neurotoxins, asthma instigators,etc. So even though many products out there may be labeled as paraben, silicone, or sulfate free, and the branding may include natural or organic- more often than not these products also contain "fragrance", meaning that as consumers we are left to trust that whichever ingredient that fragrance is isn't one of the 4000 that hasn't been tested or of the 850 that have been labeled as toxic.

NEUMA is committed to being transparent by leaving out all chemicals, giving full disclosure of its ingredients,using clean energy and green chemistry principles in manufacturing, using post-consumer reycled materials for packaging, using renewable energy and supporting fair trade. NEUMA is at the very top of the industry in sustainability, they are without a doubt the solution to the challenges consumers face in choosing pure yet high-performing hair products. All packaging is recyclable.

NEUMA contains ZERO...

synthetic fragrance
aluminum compounds
formaldehyde donors
ureas (except hair sprays)